Group Structure

Organized to optimize

Our structure and business activities are geared to helping us meet the needs of our customers and to reacting dynamically and flexibly to a rapidly changing market. They also guarantee the highest possible product quality and service excellence through consistent and efficient organizational measures.


Accountability & Efficiency
LANXESS has kept its hierarchy flat. We eliminated two levels of management when the company was first formed. In this way the heads of the business units as well as the heads of the group functions can communicate directly with the Management Board. Decisions can be made which benefit the company without the need for red tape.


A company of entrepreneurs
Since our business units operate globally with independent accountability, a clear structure is essential in order to minimise bureaucracy. Each employee at LANXESS contributes to the success of the company as a whole, through entrepreneurial thinking and an individual sense of responsibility.


Organization & Responsibilities
LANXESS business activities are divided into 14 operational business units grouped into three segments: Performance Polymers (with Keltan), Advanced Intermediates and Performance Chemicals.