Connect to our expertise

The ARLANXEO Access site was created to exchange information with you as a Keltan® customer and offer a fully automated self-service information exchange.

tick/it: self-service source of knowledge
tick/it is your gateway to the Keltan technology database and can be used as a self-service toolkit. From different angles of approach (applications, Great Grades, polymer properties, processing characteristics etc.) you can find technical data, recipe information (over 200 recipes!) and other answers to your questions. tick/it offers these valuable facts to help you optimize properties, recipes and processing efficiency.

tick/it is your ticket to a unique and easy to operate database with a world of knowledge on Elastomers.


ts/online: global technical service
ts/online is your gateway to efficient technical service. The access to the large pool of technical knowhow within Keltan is channeled through ts/online. Keltans' polymer, application and processing experts - wherever stationed or traveling - are linked with each other and you as a customer through ts/online. This interactivity between our experts throughout the world ensures an optimal and quick response.


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