Building & Construction


Construction application designers and manufacturers have been using Keltan® for over 40 years now. Keltan® is used in these applications because of its weatherability, broad range of hardness, good temperature resistance and excellent elastic behaviour. 

Look at the overview of the Keltan® grades suited for use in Construction applications and please contact us if you require assistance in determining the right Keltan® grade for your application.


Areas of application (selection)

  • Window profiles
  • Seals for (potable) water applications
  • Sheets / roofing / linings
  • Others including solar seals, tunnel seals, sound insulation wall panels, artificial grass, rail pads


  • Superior resistance against water, ozone and weathering
  • Broad range of Keltan grades available that comply with international standards for drinking water regulations
  • High level of performance over a wide temperature range
  • Keltan DCPD grades for efficient peroxide curing

Main grades

Keltan ® 2650
Keltan ® 5260Q
Keltan ® 7260Q
Keltan ® 8550
Keltan ® 8550C
Keltan ® 8570
Keltan ® 8570C
Keltan ® 9650Q
Keltan ® 13561C