Consumer Goods


The broad range of consumer applications can be satisfied by the extensive choice of Keltan® grades, including (white/colourless) oil extended grades for high strength, collared components. 

Look at the overview of the Keltan® grades suited for use in Consumer good applications and please contact us if you require assistance in determining the right Keltan® grade for your application.


Areas of application (selection)

  • Washing machine gaskets (bull-eyes)
  • Hoses
  • Shoe soles and beach sandals
  • Caps & closures
  • Keypads


  • White – colorless – oil extended grades for high strength, colored components
  • High crystalline Keltan grades for excellent hot tear strength in (non-black) molded applications

Main grades

Keltan ® 4869C
Keltan ® 5465Q
Keltan ® 5469C
Keltan ® 5469Q