Materials Modification


Keltan® EP(D)M with low unsaturation is typically used for impact modification of plastic materials, among others used in the automotive industry. In addition, Keltan® can provide pelletized grades suitable for continuous feed in the process of manufacturing such materials. 

Look at the overview of the Keltan® grades suited for use in Materials Modification applications and please contact us if you require assistance in determining the right Keltan® grade for your application.


Areas of application (selection)

  • Automotive exterior / interior, eg. bumpers, airbag covers
  • Medical products
  • Sporting goods
  • Wire & Cable


  • Enhanced elastic properties by high molecular weight Keltan EPDM
  • Grades that facilitate uniform dispersion and high cross-link density of the elastic phase
  • Allow the compound designer full freedom in color selection
  • Pelletized grades for continuous process feeding

Main grades

Keltan ® 3050
Keltan ® 4577
Keltan ® 4869C
Keltan ® 5469C
Keltan ® 5469Q