Oil Additives


For more than 30 years Keltan® is providing additives for lubricant manufacturers, thereby offering solutions ranging from simple polymers that enhance the viscosity index of lubricants, to products that display outstanding dispersancy complementary to conventional dispersants. 

Look at the overview of the Keltan® grades suited for use in Petroleum Additives and Plastic Modification applications and please contact us if you require assistance in determining the right Keltan® grade for your application.


Areas of application (selection)

  • Motor oil  for Automotive
  • Heavy duty diesel
  • Maritime
  • Lubricating greases
  • Industrial oil


  • Improves the performance of the motor oil in changing weather/ temperature conditions
  • Allow the oil structure to adapt to temperature changes maintain its grade, and retain its lubricating effectiveness (multi-grade type oils)

Main grades

Keltan ® 0500R
Keltan ® 0500RS
Keltan ® 1500R