Wire & Cable


In the wire and cable industry, Keltan® is used in a broad spectrum of products. All sorts of wire and cable applications include Keltan® as one of its basic ingredients. In all of these applications Keltan® provides flexibility, heat resistance, durability and a good protection against moisture and weather effects.

Look at the overview of the Keltan® grades suited for use in Wire & Cable applications and please contact us if you require assistance in determining the right Keltan® grade for your application.
Areas of application (selection)

  • Low, medium and high voltage cables
  • Cable insulation
  • Cable fill mass
  • Transmission and distribution, such as connectors, arrestors, relays


  • Keltan® EP(D)M grades provides excellent electrical properties
  • Improved flexibility, heat resistance and durability
  • Good protection against moisture and weathering
  • Low viscosity for good processing & easy handling

Main grades

Keltan ® 2470S
Keltan ® 2470L
Keltan ® 3470
Keltan ® 5470C
Keltan ® 5470Q