Premium quality

On-spec, in-time, with passion

We deliver in time, on-spec, with passion. That's the power of Premium Quality
Keltan has a passion for EP(D)M since 1967. We're the only company of our size that completely focuses on EP(D)M. This allows us to strive for excellence in everything we do.


Consistent high quality
We apply very narrow Mooney Specifications, so you can rely on in-spec product performance. By working with the smallest tolerance in the market we deliver consistent high quality grades.


Broadest product portfolio
Premium quality also means: offering the broadest EP(D)M portfolio in the market.
By offering our products as customized as possible we go the extra mile; delivering exactly the specs you need.


The whole package
Premium quality focuses on much more than just the product; it's an integral combination of high quality products, logistics and administration. What goes for our bales also goes for our packing and documents. Overall consistency is key as it enables you to produce fast, accurately and hassle-free.