Go bio-based with Keltan® Eco

The two great challenges of our generation: greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced and the limited availability of fossil fuels. Keltan® Eco is our response to an urgent call to increase the eco-friendliness of rubber. As the leading EP(D)M rubber manufacturer, we have succeeded to produce the world's first EP(D)M rubber based on renewable raw materials: Keltan® Eco.

KELTAN® Eco is the world’s first commercial EP(D)M produced from bio-based feedstock. The ethylene used in this process is derived from ethanol produced from sugar cane.

Benefits of KELTAN® Eco include:

  • Bio-based content up to 70%, which can be validated by ASTM D6866 Carbon-14 test
  • Uncompromised quality
  • Reduced dependence on fossil resources
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Stepping up to the challenge
Since the end of 2011 we are producing bio-based EPDM rubber at our Triunfo site in Brazil. Bio-based ethylene flows directly by pipeline from our partner Braskem to our EP(D)M plant. We are converting some of our production operations, to manufacture bio-based rubber annually for the global market.

Keltan® Eco is one of many more corporate responsibility activities. 

Latest developments
ARLANXEO´s KELTAN® Elastomers business is now pleased to add five new grades to the KELTAN®Eco portfolio.   With exactly the same specifications as their conventional counterparts, the KELTAN®Eco products are “drop-in” equivalents with one important difference: up to 70% of the content is bio-based!  Thus, they offer an environmentally friendly alternative for any type of EP(D)M application.

KELTAN® Eco grades include:

  • KELTAN®Eco 3050
  • KELTAN®Eco 5470
  • KELTAN®Eco 6950
  • KELTAN®Eco 8550
  • KELTAN®Eco 9950
  • KELTAN®Eco 0500R

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Joyce Kersjes

Joyce Kersjes
Technical Manager

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