Keltan ACE Technology in China

The way forward in EP(D)M

The new Keltan® EPDM plant in Changzhou uses Keltan ACE™ technology to produce consistent high quality grades. This plant’s cutting-edge technology will effectively serve the region’s increasing demand for synthetic rubber. The Changzhou plant currently produces ten different premium grades of EP(D)M tailored to Asian customer needs.


At Keltan we truly believe in Keltan ACE™ as a way to lead EP(D)M into a bright future, producing more sustainable products with equal properties and performance. Keltan ACE™ allows intrinsically gel-free EPDM production. Furthermore, with our extremely broad portfolio of products – including oil-extended, high-molecular-weight and high-ENB grades of EP(D)M – ARLANXEO is perfectly positioned to serve this growing market.


Keltan ACE™ in a nutshell

The Keltan ACE™ process utilizes active catalysts, enabling us to deliver an extraordinarily broad range of proven, high-quality EPM and EP(D)M grades – in consistent quality, chlorine-free and with high degrees of purity. Keltan ACE™ technology – another important step towards an even more sustainable future with ARLANXEO.


The major benefits of Keltan ACE™
•    Sustainability
•    Reduced energy requirement
•    Less pressure on increasingly scarce resources
•    No catalyst waste
•    No deashing necessary, yet lower catalyst residues
•    Chlorine free product