Keltan ACE Technology

The way forward in EP(D)M

Keltan ACETM is an innovative catalyst technology for the production of EP(D)M. At Keltan we truly believe in Keltan ACETM as a way to lead EP(D)M into a bright future, producing more sustainable products with equal properties and performance. Keltan®'s current range of EP(D)M rubbers already comprises seven Keltan ACETM -grades.

Keltan ACETM in a nutshell
The Keltan ACETM process utilizes active catalysts, enabling us to deliver an extraordinarily broad range of proven, high-quality EPM and EP(D)M grades – in consistent quality, chlorine-free and with high degrees of purity. Above that, the process consumes less energy and produces no catalyst waste, making a deashing step obsolete.

The major benefits of Keltan ACETM


  • Reduced energy requirement
    Less pressure on increasingly scarce resources.
  • No catalyst waste
    No deashing necessary, yet lower catalyst residues.
  • Chlorine free product
    Avoidance of chlorine in catalyst system resulting in lower contact corrosion and cleaner product.


  • Full grade slate capability
    Unique ability to produce the same high quality grades regardless of catalyst technology.
  • Product diversification potential
    • Enabling reduced peroxide dosage, improved properties or increased compound loading.

Implementing Keltan ACETM
We have converted our biggest Keltan® production line in Geleen from conventional Ziegler-Natta chemistry to the Keltan ACETM process. The new line – EPT 3 – has a capacity of 95,000 metric tons per year. This is more than half of the total capacity at that plant. The new Changzhou plant in China (starting up in 2014), will also work with this successful Keltan ACETM-technology.


Blanche Janssen

Blanche Janssen
Brand Manager Business Line Keltan

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