Natural Rubber replacement by ultra-high molecular weight EPDM

LANXESS at International Rubber Expo, Nashville, TN, USA

LANXESS and Saudi Aramco launched on April 1, 2016, a rubber joint venture under the name ARLANXEO

Cologne – At the 2014 International Rubber Expo being hosted in Nashville, TN (USA) October 14-16 by the ACS Rubber Division, specialty chemicals company LANXESS will introduce the newly commercialized, ultra-high molecular weight EPDM grade Keltan® 9565Q, which LANXESS  believes will successfully replace natural rubber in dynamic applications.

Increasingly sophisticated automotive and industrial applications require improved high temperature performance which natural rubber, known to degrade quickly at elevated temperatures, cannot provide. " Keltan® 9565Q with its tailored molecular structure matches the strength and resilience of natural rubber, while also maintaining these superior properties after high temperature exposure", explains Niels van der Aar, Head of Technical Service & Application Development for LANXESS Keltan business.

"That high temperature resistance also enables Keltan® 9565Q to be processed at elevated temperatures, thus improving molding productivity  and reducing costs", says Niels van der Aar.

"The saturated polymer backbone gives EPDM its superior ozone, UV, and heat resistance properties. Taking advantage of these benefits has long been of interest for dynamic applications, but only now with Keltan® 9565Q does EPDM also offer the strength, fatigue resistance, and resilience achieved by natural rubber at lower temperatures", concludes Niels van der Aar.

EPDM, which LANXESS offers under the brand name Keltan®, is used for the manufacture of door sealants, hoses, belts or anti-vibration parts. The product is also used in plastic modification, wire and cable, construction and oil additives.