Perfect dynamic mounting


Keltan® 9565Q is our new EP(D)M grade that features a particularly high molecular weight. This results in excellent physical & dynamic properties. Thanks to its outstanding heat & UV-stability and damping properties, Keltan® 9565Q can even challenge natural rubber, which is hard to beat in terms of dynamic properties, in certain applications such as engine mountings.


Heat-resistant and highly elastic
It is a well- known fact that, as a saturated terpolymer, EP(D)M exhibits excellent heat & UV stability. Despite this, it has not been possible to use this material more widely in e.g. engine mounts because of its limited dynamic performance. With Keltan® 9565Q, we've solved this problem. The EP(D)M grade has ultra-high molecular weight; which results in excellent properties. The very long molecules interlink extremely effectively, which means that the polymer network is very resilient and without adding a lot of reinforcing fillers resulting in highly elastic compounds for perfect engine mounting.


Keltan® 9565Q vulcanizates exhibit dynamic properties that existing EP(D)M grades cannot achieve. It is also a highly aging-resistant synthetic rubber that can match the dynamic properties of natural rubber. The product is a prime example of Keltan®'s strategy to open up new applications for EP(D)M with new high-performance products.
Keltan® 9565Q is produced at the ARLANXEO site in Orange, Texas, United States. It is now available.


Why natural rubber doesn't always suffice anymore

Rubber is a versatile material; used in key applications like dynamic mounts, muffler hangers and torsional dampers, that require high resilience and excellent vibration isolation. Very soft, highly elastic elastomers that require virtually no fillers are needed for these applications, otherwise internal friction can cause overheating. Consequently, natural rubber has mostly been used in engine mountings up till now. But this rubber is increasingly experiencing difficulties due to ever higher temperatures in the engine compartment that cause aging of the natural rubber part over time, despite the use of special antioxidants. This is a problem Keltan® 9565Q solves very effectively.