We focus on sustaining the environment as well as your business

That's the power of Sustainable Innovation

We use our know-how and experience to develop sustainable products and technologies that are friendly to the climate and the environment in the long term. Our goal is to have ecological value and economic success interact.


R&D as a driving force
Research and development plays a significant role in increasing our competitiveness and expanding our business through the development of innovative processes and products as well as the ongoing optimization of existing production processes. 
Therefore, we continue to systematically expand our research and development activities. Existing products and processes are refined and optimized with a short- to medium-term time horizon.


Product: Keltan® Eco
A great example of how sustainable development can offer business opportunities for Keltan® as well as our customers is Keltan® Eco. This is the world's first EP(D)M rubber based on renewable raw materials. We've created a whole new product category and Keltan® Eco helps our customers to create greener products. In the long-term our environment will benefit most of all from Keltan® Eco's success.


Proces: Keltan ACETM Technology
Sustainable innovation focuses on products, such as Keltan® Eco and processes, such as Keltan ACETM Technology. After considerable long-term R&D efforts we have recently implemented the Keltan ACETM technology at our Geleen plant. It's a process that utilizes active catalysts that allows us to produce more sustainable products with equal properties and performance.


Customer-oriented development
Innovation is a essential to our business and yours. Together with our customers we develop new solutions and offer more and more customized product innovation. To us, this is the pinnacle of sustainable innovation; joining forces and combining strengths. Get in touch and learn more about the opportunities for your business.